We are coming to you!

Our Mission:  Build broad-based support for returning ownership and responsibility for elections back to Texans.

Our Goal:  Personal visits to 30-50 Texas counties in 90 days to educate and demonstrate an election process that is realistic, efficient, cost-effective, transparent, and fully verifiable by everyone to build earned confidence in our Elections. After Texas, we intend to migrate to other states.

At Each County over a 2-day visit:

  • Public Election Integrity Briefing to explain the Election Ecosystem, Vulnerabilities, and Solutions
  • Mobile hands-on demonstration of:
    • Reclaiming control of maintaining your voter rolls
    • Running an efficient precinct-based transparent hand-count using Ballot Hand-Count Calculation Stations with integrated cameras that allows every citizen to independently verify every vote and every ballot for no cost. This insures 100% reliability and returns complete trust to our election system. Please see Mock County’s Election Results to see a sample of the process.
  • Meetings with local Election Officials, Commissioners, Sheriffs, and other Countywide and City officials to answer questions and provide suggestions on paths to reclaiming and securing their elections
  • Recruiting Citizens committed to working the elections
36 counties are now signed up. Sign up now to get on the route!

'Mock' County, TX

On April 17th 2023, TEXAS FIRST organized volunteers to gather in Dallas Texas to do a mock run-through tabulating paper ballots utilizing a fast and simple method consisting of large push-button calculators to track the votes and video cameras to make the process completely transparent.

The ‘Mock’ County website was then born to display the success and be the flagship for all Texas Counties!