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Let us know if you would like us to stop by your County as we make our way through.

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For Texas, the short answer is nothing. However, this is an expensive endeavor, and our daily operating costs are nearly $1,000 when you take everything in. So, anything the citizens of your County can do to help us cover as many of our expenses as possible is MUCH appreciated. There is a donate button at the top right that can be used to help us cover costs.

For other states, we do need a way to cover our expenses to make it there and through your state. If you can get enough counties to chip in (and/or some generous donors to help), we will be able to make the journey.

There is no fixed deadline, but once we start on our route, we won’t be able to zig-zag back and forth, so CONTACT US ASAP to get on the route!

If we can raise the funds to keep us going after we finish in Texas, YES! Let us know you are interested by signing up above.

We would love to stay for up to 2 days. The first day could be a public forum and the second could be a smaller more focused get-together/demo with your local elected officials or city/county admin.

The full Election Ecosystem makeup/vulnerability/mitigation/solution presentation can last anywhere from 1 to 4 hours depending on how much information the audience would like.

Nothing. We have a generator but would love to be able to plug in the RV if there is power available. We will have a projector, screen, and sound system with us.