This documentary by David Clements (an incredible and wonderful person on many levels) is the most complete high level summary of the condition of our current US Election system. Every United States Citizen should know the truth. Three years ago, we citizens knew almost nothing about the very systems we use to choose our representatives and leaders. We didn’t know what was going on underneath the covers. That was the secret. We just weren’t in on it. Obviously none of this is comfortable. It’s uneasy. It’s frustrating. It’s gut-punching. But it is also our reality, and we MUST face the facts in front of us in order to fix it. Holding our eyes closed will not protect or save us. I firmly believe that if 100 Million people saw this documentary, our election problems would be fixed almost overnight. If you want to have an impact on fixing these problems, the bare minimum of what you need to do right now is watch this with friends and family, and send this link to everyone you know.

For 50% off the price of the documentary, feel free to use coupon code ‘COOK‘. The amount of time and money that must have gone into creating this have to be huge. The work they did to put this together is worth 10 times the price, so please help those out that created it by donating or purchasing viewings as gifts to spread to others.

If you have any questions or would like any clarification for anything you see in the documentary, please reach out to Mark using the contact page.

Official Synopsis

Let My People Go is a modern-day deliverance story rooted in biblical themes and archetypes, but instead of examining the bondage of the children of Israel by Pharoah, the film focuses on the bondage of the American people.  “Pharoah” is replaced by a wholly infiltrated and weaponized U.S. government directly and indirectly influenced by CCP and Marxist forces.  The film presents two overlapping narratives of America’s enslavement.  The first form of slavery is achieved using proprietary “black boxes” and software, where swamp candidates are selected rather than elected.  Massive ballot harvesting operations provide the paper trail to cover up the greatest crime in our nation’s history—the removal of Donald J. Trump.  The second form of slavery focuses on the real-life consequences of the Americans who gathered and protested the theft of their votes on November 3rd—the January Sixers—that now languish in prison.

The Trailer

The Movie